Block Party L.A. begins
March 28, 2015


Block Party L.A.

A one day event that serves as a melting pot of different musical inspirations. An event that will showcase the unity of the LA Community and the genuine fun of an old school traditional Block Party.

The Block Party TEAM

About Lend A Helping Hand

Block Party L.A Logo

Block Party LA & Lend-A-Helping Hand Outreach Organization has decided to partner for another year to help unite the community through music, donations, communal programs and to help build our inner city for the generations to come.

Lend-A-Helping Hand Outreach Organization is a multi-service organization, who’s ultimate goal is to give back to the community as well as shedding light on the Block Party LA organization.

Event Details

Event Sponsors

Hip Hop DX Sponsors Block Party L.A.
Home Grown Radio Sponsors Block Party L.A.
Bryan Bowser Sponsors Block Party L.A.