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Real Racing 3 Review and Cheats Benefits

Are you one of those users, who love to spend hours by playing car racing games? Real Racing 3 is an ideal choice for you, if the answer is yes. It is a game that tests all you have got. The real world cars, real world tracks, and real world physics is applied in the game. Anytime you try to push your car too far, the game takes you out of the track. This game is completely inspired from real world racing and that’s why it is called Real Racing. Firemonkeys Studios has tried the best to provide the racing lovers across the world. Of course, it is the best racing game published by EA Sports for smartphone users.

Why is it the best?

People always seek high-quality graphics, impressive sounds, and an amazing gameplay in a game. Real Racing 3 is on the top because it has the best graphics with detailed view of the cars, tracks, and animations. It seems like you are driving on the real track and controlling a real car. There are many famous car models and they run like the real ones. In addition, the races take place like actual races in the real world and you can track your and other drivers’ records online.


real racing 3 triche

You get a Porsche 911 GT3 RS in the beginning. It is a tutorial car that helps you in understanding the gameplay and controls. Of course, you will not race with that car and that’s why the game offers you a Nissan Silvia S15 and Ford Focus RS as starting cars. You can choose one of those cars to begin your career. The racing will start at Level 0 and then you can progress by earning Fame Points. This game will reward the Fame Points depending on your performance in the races.

This game starts rewarding gold coins (in-game currency) as you pass the driver levels. The gold coin rewards depend on the number of fame points necessary to reach higher levels. You can earn 5-100 gold coins, depending on your performance. You play different series in the game, which are further divided into many tiers, and the tiers are divided into races. That’s how it works. Of course, gold coins play a vital role in your success in Real Racing 3. You need coins to buy new cars, repair the cars, and purchase other premium items. You may not enough coins to meet all your in-game requirements and that’s why you can also buy the Gold Coins for real money.

Should you buy the coins?

Some people would say yes because they know that soon you will get short of gold coins in Real Racing 3 and it is impossible to progress without having sufficient gold coins. Why don’t you try a free method to acquire coins? Yes, you should search for a cutting-edge Real Racing 3 cheats (read more about this easy trick) that can generate unlimited free gold coins for your account. Thus, you will not spend any penny and get enough gold coins to buy whatever you want in the game.